Online Learning, a New Enviornment

As schools around the country close due to the Coronavirus, teachers are left with the difficult problem of providing education from a distance. Some programs, like Zoom, are here to save the education system. Zoom is a software program where we can see face to face with our teachers and even all of our classmates. This is useful for School lectures and even business meetings that everyone would be missing out on.

Zoom, the new software used at Walker
(UNC Information technology services)

There are several features on zoom that makes it just short of an actual class lecture. These features range from a screen share mode to a mute feature if the class is getting out of hand. Senior Ashu Bhongiri says that he actually prefers online learning because “It saves so much time that was lost during the day. Also it gets straight to the point instead of dragging it out.”

While communities are benefiting from this software, so are the creators of Zoom. Zoom is one of the few stocks that has been unaffected by the Coronavirus. It actually has 275% growth in a time where the whole stock market has been down. While coronavirus has certainly helped Zoom, they were well established before it and even showed signs of increasing before the virus.

The skyrocket of zoom stock
(Business Insider)

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