Stock market rebounding after crash

Stocks are being pulled rapidly.

On Monday, March 16th, the stock market suffered a 12 percent collapse, which has been the steepest drop since the crash in 1987. The NASDAQ, S&P, and the DJI all have rose about 6 percent since the Federal Reserve said it will use its emergency lending power. Once the emergency lending power was activated, trading stocks started to become more steady, which is good since some stocks almost went into the negative on Monday.

A graph of the last five days of the stock market
Image courtesy of CNN

As you can see from the graph above, the stock market took another hit on Wednesday March, 18th. They had lost the everything (and if not more) from what they had gained back from the original crash on Monday. Trading on Wednesday was halted due to the S&P dropping 7%, but we have began to make very little process at bringing our economy back. All we can do is hope that the market will not take another big hit.