Carona nation: how other schools are handling the virus

As we all know well, Walker is handling the virus very well. We have been receiving constant updates and have been working at home for over two weeks now. Other schools here in Cobb County and beyond have all been conducting school in different ways. In order to understand just how school was being conducted, I interviewed seven different people from across the country to see how their days were operating.


Cobb County School District has been out since April 13th. At Walton High School, each teacher is assigning one assignment every day and each department is open for office hours between 9 o’clock am and 3:30 PM


School in Kansas was canceled on March 13 and did not resume until the 30th. ¨I´m bored out of my mind” says Eli Stolte, a sophomore at Blue Valley West High School. There is little support from teachers and rarely assignments. Stolte says “I’m not worried right now, but it’s definitely scary


Schools in Broward County have been at home since March 13. The students are taking class online and the district has provided computers and free Wi-Fi to students in need. “The benefit of being in South Florida is the great weather, which helps us get through this tough time” says junior Zach Siff


At Homestead High School, the students have been off since the 13th as well. Their Spring break was last week, so the district gave the students the week before that off. Junior Zach Sprinkman is worried about his AP exams, but was happy to be able to pick up his materials from school the other day.


Many of the students who live in St. Louis were on spring break when news of school cancelation occured. Sophomore Jacob Mishkin of Crossroads was in Boca Raton and was forced to drive home (a 20 hour drive) due to a flight cancelation. Sophomore Aden Sher of Clayton High says that he “doesn’t know what my teachers are doing.” School in St. Louis resumed last monday as well.


The schools in LA county have been off since the 13th. LA has been on lockdown since two weeks ago, and was one of the first cities on complete lockdown, along with San Francisco and New York City. Students have been learning at home since the 16th of March