Quarterback Charlie Condon answers all things football

Returning senior Charlie Condon took the time to sit down and talk to me about the upcoming season ahead.
Image Courtesy of Mike Mackey

Kyle Keegan (reporter for The Wolverine): How excited are you for your senior year under center?

Charlie Condon ’21: I can’t wait. It was an awesome experience last fall, with it being my first year in the starting job and being able to play with a lot of guys from all grades. It’s always a good time working hard with the guys and getting ready to compete together. I’m hoping our large senior class can go out with a bang this year. We are going to turn some heads this season.

Keegan: A lot of changes have occurred during the off-season, including Walker hiring new head coach Michael Gunn. What are your thoughts on the situation and having the opportunity to play under Coach Gunn?

Condon: I think everyone is very excited to see what he has to bring to the table for this program. He has a very impressive coaching history at Athens Academy and Clarke Central. He is the start to a new era of Walker football, and we are all very excited to be a part of it. I think he will be a great addition to the team and can help us prepare for the games ahead of us this season. We are very lucky to have him.

After the reports of Matt Casper’s departure, Walker announced the new hiring of Michael Gunn in early March. Gunn brings with him a GHSA coaching record of 194-72-1.
Image Courtesy of Athens Academy

Keegan: There will be a lot of new players eyeing to fill the shoes of a huge group of departing seniors. With that being said, which few are you hoping step up on varsity?

Condon: We are losing a solid senior class, especially on the line, but I have faith that we will be able to get those younger guys ready to step up to the challenge. I’m really excited to see what some of the younger guys can do for us in the rising junior class: Kraal, Larson, O’Neill, and many others. They have some great talent in that class and I think that will show to be pretty clear this fall.

Among the names Condon mentioned in the 2022 class, rising junior Jackson Kraal (pictured here wearing #24) earned All-Region Honorable Mention nods for the ’19-’20 season.
Image Courtesy of Mike Mackey

Keegan: Among those departing seniors are two of your top targets from last year in wide receivers, Jake Tasman and Omar Cooper. How are you planning to build new relationships with a younger receiving core?

Condon: I will definitely miss having those guys as targets next year, but I don’t think we will struggle filling in those spots. Guys like Keon Smart, Parker Cook, Tate Harrison, Jackson Sadler, and Matthew Waibel will be there to pick up the losses in those two players. I am not concerned about our receiving core next year. I will continue to work countless routes with these guys next year, and we will all eventually develop that chemistry that is necessary during games.

Keegan: The 2020-2021 season will be an interesting one with the new GHSA region alignments. What are your thoughts on the changes and how you will now be playing new teams such as Christian Heritage and Darlington while continuing your rivalries with Mount Paran Christian and North Cobb Christian?

Condon: I’m excited to have some new opponents that we haven’t previously had. We are picking up some tough games with these two teams, but also dropping previous tough games with teams such as Whitfield and Fellowship. It is always fun to play someone that you’ve never played before, so we are excited to see what those guys are all about. We know what Paran and NCC are like, so we will just continue to treat all of our region games like they are playoff games.

Darlington (Rome, GA) emerges as a new powerhouse in Walker’s 7a Private region, amassing an impressive 8-3 record and playoff birth.
Image Courtesy of The Rome News-Tribune

Keegan: With the state of the world right now and the probable realization of not having a spring game or practice, what are you going to be doing to prepare yourself and the team for summer workouts and practice?

Condon: I’ve personally been working out 3-4 times per week and trying really hard to control what I eat by feeding my body what it needs to grow and get stronger. I’m hoping that we can get all the guys together to get some work in soon whether it be in May or June. I think it is important that everyone stay determined and motivated because this season is coming faster than it may seem. I hope that we can all get together as a group soon because I think it is very important to start developing our team bond that will last all the way through the end of the season. As of now, everyone needs to be smart and stay safe but try to stay somewhat active, so summer workouts don’t hit us like a truck.