The Most Popular Gaming Devices

With the development of technology, many people play video games. We can play video games on different devices: game consoles, gaming laptops/desktops, and mobile phones, each with varying games for their devices.

Image courtesy of – Newest Sony Console – PlayStation 5

Game consoles, the most typical console, usually do not require the Internet and are played independently. There are also some online games on consoles, though most of them are not as popular as online games on desktops. The most popular game consoles on the market now are PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. The PlayStation is SONY’s game console. It is powerful and has an exquisite graphics display. The Nintendo Switch’s advantage is that it can easily switch between TV mode and portable mode, but the performance is not as good as the other two consoles. Nintendo also has many famous exclusive games (which you can only play on Nintendo’s consoles): Pokemon, Super Mario Brothers series, The Legend of Zelda series, etc. Usually, these games are cartoon-style and suitable for young and old. The Xbox’s performance is powerful, and its gaming data can be connected to the computer. One of the disadvantages of Xbox is that it doesn’t have as many exclusive games like Play Station and Nintendo Switch.

Image courtesy of Nintendo Switch
Image courtesy of Newest Console from Microsoft – Xbox Series X

Computers are devices that most of us have access to in our daily lives. Now, more and more game manufacturers are also selling big single-player games on computers. The most famous platform is Steam. Online games are more popular on computers because computers are better suited to playing online games than game consoles. Several online games can only be played with a keyboard, which is a game console limitation. While certain games can still be played on the computer, other well-known games can only be played by purchasing the game console. High-performance gaming computers are much more expensive than game consoles, but the computer can also meet other work needs while game consoles can’t.

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The mobile phone is the most commonly used device in our daily life. It is easy to carry, and we can play games on it anytime and anywhere, but the graphics and quality of mobile games are not comparable to those of computers and consoles. To play better games and have a better experience, mobile phones are not enough. Most of the games we can play on mobile phones are online games such as Pubg or Fortnite. There are excellent stand-alone games on mobile phones, but they are nowhere near as good as those on computers and consoles. Mobile phones can meet the needs of light gamers, but the quality of the game is compromised.

Consider people’s needs when having limited funds and the need to make choices. A heavy gamer needs to know which platform most of the games they want to play are on. If just a light gamer who doesn’t play many games and isn’t interested in games on consoles or computers, mobile phones can meet most of their needs.