A New Era in Walker Boys Lacrosse

The Walker Lacrosse team has exceeded all expectations this year. As of this writing, they sit at an 8-3 record, winning their last six games! This scrappy group has been on a tear, beating strong teams such as Whitefield, North Cobb Christian, and Bremen. One of the team’s biggest fans, Neal Manocha, says, “This is a generational team, a once in a lifetime group of players. They are the most fun team on campus to watch.”

The team has been led by a strong senior presence with Jack Alfi, Nick Hahn, James Simpson, Nick Winfrey, Austin Westbrook, Robert Larson, Rainer Ortkiese, Riley Eckstrom, Zack Herbst, Ryan Van Bruinisse, Juan Nolte, Jack Goggin, and Hayden Hanke. Jack Goggin has scored the most out of the seniors with 24 goals on the season so far. On the other hand, Riley Eckstrom has 9 assists, holding down the midi position for the Wolverines.

The team’s main goal-scoring threat, however, has been freshman Finley Radding, with 44 goals and counting. He has scored an average of 4 goals a game, making a strong impact whenever he is on the field. Senior Nick Hahn has said that Finley is the best player he has ever played with and deemed him “unguardable.” His shifty moves and incredible quickness have made him almost impossible to guard by opposing teams.