Walker Homecoming Wrap-up

20171020_075455The 2018 homecoming was a showcase of Walker’s unity and energy. Students donned their old Buzz Lightyear costumes for the four themed days of homecoming. The final day of homecoming week was full of pomp and circumstance. The day was filled with activities starting with the senior “hangout” in the morning where they celebrated their final homecoming at The Walker School by playing music in the courtyards and covering the school’s floors and walls in chalk. The cheerleaders followed their annual tradition of decorating the hallways with banners and streamers, working late into the night to get everything done for the next day. Energy filled the air as the day went on. The students were eager to participate in the pep rally with their choreographed walk-outs. The entire school, in color-coordinated hordes, migrated to Coles Gym to watch the Primary School play games on the gym floor to win $5 Bruster’s gift cards, and to participate in the last of the homecoming events, the walkouts and tug of war. The walkouts exemplify the creativity that Walker students and teachers can produce with surprisingly complicated choreography and organization. The pep rally is the culmination of the whole homecoming week and is where the excitement peaks as the cheerleaders perform their extremely energetic “Rollie Dance” for the entire school before being dismissed. The festivities did not end at the pep rally however as food and ice cream trucks accompanied blow up slides and castles spread out across the parking lots. People flocked to the practice fields and courtyards to get their Philly cheesesteaks and shaved ice. The feasting continued all the way up until the game where the school’s alumni and currently enrolled students cheered as the Walker football team caged the Kings Ridge Tigers in a high scoring game of 42-7. The final event of homecoming came after the game on Saturday, the dance. The dance was “arguably one of the best ever” says a student that climbed on stage and proceed to crowd surf after our brief interview. As thedance winded down, the seniors reminisced on the memories of the previous four years of homecoming as they walked out of Gatti Hall for the last time. The final highlight of the week was the teachers dancing to ABBA as the students filed out of Gatti Hall. As the dust settled from the whirlwind of the past week, students and teachers left with memories and shared stories of the walkouts, games, and the dance with one another.20171020_081202